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by on October 25th, 2016

Chocolate Espresso Pizzelles


Out with the old, in with the new.

A person who likes to bake and cook can never have too many pans or utensils, can they? Maybe I don’t need three pans to make chocolate bouchons which are chocolate “cork” shaped cakes made by Thomas Keller; at the time I bought these molds I worked at Williams Sonoma and was catering and if I were to make these 12 would not have been enough, I needed at least 36 at a time. So is the story behind most of my pans like my 24 tiny 1″ x 2″ bread pans; and they are the cutest little loaves of bread you have ever eaten.

So, what is one to do when they are faced with a lifetime of cooking equipment when trying to clean out a kitchen to have it painted. Well, you go through one thing at a time and say “do I really need that” and 98% of the time my answer was yes and “this is so cute, I will use it sometime”.

I bought my first krumkake iron (or pizzelle) over 25 years ago and it was the kind that you put on top of burner, added the batter, shut the lid, cooked a few seconds, flipped and hoped that it did not burn before making a crisp delicious disk that you could form into a cone or cannoli shell.

Well, when I put my hands on my old krumkake iron I decided that it was time to replace and update the gadget/pan because perhaps I might want to make sone cones or pizzelles. I had bought my daughter-in-law, Missy, an electric pizzelle maker while we were in Chicago as few months ago and we made the Chocolate Tacos.

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by on October 20th, 2016

Honey Chicken Roman Style (Poulet Apicius)


Brings back memories of Arles.

“A surprising and unusual chicken dish that harks back to the flavors of the Romans. Honey, spices and fish sauce. This is a dish inspired by the writings of Apicius”–

That’s the way this dish was described to us by our cooking instructor in Arles, France. It’s been four years since we were in France and I recently found this recipe while doing a cleanout of our kitchen before having everything painted inside and out. While visiting France (especially Provence) we wanted to take a cooking class and we came across this class in Arles. The kitchen looked at least 200 years old and it was such a fun class and much more interesting that some of the ones I’ve taken in kitchens all decked out with Viking equipment and sterile surroundings. Our instructor couldn’t speak English and his assistant translated everything we were to do while shopping at the street market and preparing the lunch/dinner.

I was reading up on Roman food saw where the Romans loved fish sauce that they made and that they used a lot of seasoning in their foods because a lot of the time the food would have turned rancid from improper storage and to keep their guest from tasting this, covered it up with lots of different spices. They also had no forks and ate either with their fingers or using spoons and knives. So, if you feel the urge, just pick the chicken up with your fingers and enjoy.

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by on October 15th, 2016

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with Avocado


Another twist on a favorite.

In high school we had a favorite place to go for lunch, or I should say two places, one was Knox’s (great burgers, no longer there) and the other was the Round House. Yeah, the restaurant was/is round. My sister and I loved their “combination salad” which consisted of head lettuce, tomato, boiled egg with cottage cheese and covered with a French dressing that was so good I still make that salad for my husband and myself.

I haven’t met anyone that has ever eaten cottage cheese and boiled egg on a salad and it has to be head lettuce and I do buy a bottled French dressing and doctor it up a little with some paprika, lemon juice and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

I don’t know about you but I could eat salad every night as the main course and I have posted quit a few here that can stand on their own as a main dish; others could have some protein added to them and you have a filling dinner salad.

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by on October 10th, 2016

Cauliflower Couscous


Couscous anyone?

We just finished having our kitchen painted, inside and out. Just cleaning out the cabinets and two pantries for the painters had my head spinning. The amount of STUFF that we had to find a resting place for a week was crazy. With a lifetime of cooking gadgets, pans, dishes, would I be able to get rid of anything? I thought I could go through everything as we unloaded everything but that was not possible. I found myself saying “oh, isn’t this cute, I could use this for a blog post”. When all was painted and we waited patiently the 4 days before putting things back in their space, I had only gotten rid of one table worth of things. In fact. I threw away my stovetop pizelle maker and ordered an electric one from Amazon.

I don’t know why I thought I needed to clean out my refrigerator during this project, maybe because we ate out for a week, but I found this cauliflower hiding in my refrigerator and came across this coop site and this recipe for cauliflower couscous.

Couscous is a North African dish made with steamed balls of semolina. Pititim is Israeli couscous. The only difference I see in the two varieties I find in the store is that the Israeli couscous is a lot larger grain (I prefer the Israeli over the smaller version.)

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by on October 5th, 2016

Crunchy Asian Salad with Peanut Dressing


Good with chicken too!

Have you had a big reunion yet for either high school or college? My 50th high school union was last year and this year was my husband’s (yes, I have to admit I was a cougar even before that was even a word referring to marrying a younger man; he’s only 9 months younger though.) and I have to say it was so much fun seeing everyone. Our high school, (in Caruthersville ) back then may have had 500 students total, so it was easy to know just about everyone in the whole school.

I knew almost everyone that walked through the door at the brunch that one of his classmates had at her house (thanks Geneva). How time flies; everyone looked the same, just a little older, grayer and a few more wrinkles than we had in high school. One friend, asked my sister and I if we remember one night after a football game that we were racing one of my husband’s friends when we were going home (my sister was driving I’m sure) and we went air bound off the road and landed in a field. How could we ever forget that; we probably (maybe) never raced anyone again. No one was hurt, just a little shook up. We did a lot of crazy things back then that I’m sure even our kids never heard about.

Before attending the reunion, we drove to Chicago to see our son and his family. We are always cooking up some new recipe and my daughter-in-law, Missy found this recipe on Pinterest. Grandsons Oliver and Charlie helped me make Oreo ice cream twice and their mom made three salads she had found on Pinterest; this was one of them. I liked it so much I decided to post it to the blog incase you didn’t see it on Pinterest.

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