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by on April 20th, 2014

Sunny Morning Breakfast Tart

Worth making for a weekend breakfast.




Happy Easter everyone. I’m sure you already have your Easter morning breakfast planned but keep this in mind the next time you want something special.

I promise not to say breakfast is my least favorite meal ever again.  I keep saying that and yet I keep coming up with more breakfast recipes to share with you. I think most of the ones I post here are probably not something I would make during the week but something I want to try for a lazy weekend breakfast treat or most would be wonderful to serve to visiting guest or maybe for that Sunday brunch you have been wanting to have.

This is one recipe I will definitely be making for my daughter and her husband while helping with the baby (or household chores) when we are there (soon).

I look forward to greeting the new baby and I also looking forward to being able to cook for them for a few days OR until they kick us out. I told them up front we could stay as long as we are needed but don’t feel bad saying it’s time to go.  What is it they say about fish after three days?

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by on April 15th, 2014

Easter Egg Radish Salad

The bunny came through early and left this salad recipe.




Easter is fast approaching and so is the birth of my 5th grandson in Austin. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. I’ve been trying to get some recipes made ahead so while I’m there helping out with “their” cooking I can still post recipes to the blog.

I love radishes and the spiciness they add to salads. Do you remember the French Breakfast Radishes I cooked last year and I also used them to make a very simple little baguette appetizer where I spread softened butter on a fresh baguette and topped with sliced French breakfast radishes and then a sprinkle of sea salt. Makes my water water just thinking about it.

Now that my favorite grocery, Hubble and Hudson, is out of business I will have to look to Whole Foods or Central Market to find my unusual vegetables. I’m hoping to find the Easter Egg Radishes before Easter so I can make this salad again.

Do you have favorite Easter dishes that you make each Spring?  If so, please leave a comment below sharing your favorites.

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by on April 10th, 2014

Bang Bang Shrimp

Bang Bang memories…..




As I was writing this blog it brought back memories of Sonny and Cher singing one of their hits “Bang Bang” and the memories of those stick horses my sister and I had and even my kids had running around shooting toy guns.

As a kid or part of a TWIN set we use to play with our stick horses and we also had a real pony, Trixie, for a few years until she got traded in for a cool go cart and later that go cart got traded in for two new transistor radios. My sister and I had toy guns, real bows and arrows, and a REAL pup tents with k-rations that our uncle got for us; we even had the canteens, army plates etc. I guess you could say we were partly Tomboys but we also had the Bride dolls and Barbies of course and a lot for other girly stuff.

Don’t you remember having little toy pistols that had rolled up caps in them and running around shooting each other shouting “bang bang” or even taking rocks and sitting on a sidewalk and busting the caps just to hear them pop; and did we ever leave a black mess on the sidewalks. I almost forgot about the Davy Crocket coon skin hats and the Davy Crocket knives (I got stabbed in the hand once when we were playing and I still have the scar).We had plenty of dirty knees from shooting marbles and knocking those little plastic soldiers over and playing with those little cowboy and Indians.

So, when I had Bang Bang Shrimp the other night at Bonefish Grill I had a Walter Mitty moment which took be back to riding stick horses and yelling out “bang, bang”.  Occasionally I got the first shot in and my sister would take a spill off her horse.

So I started with an “Almost-Famous Spicy Fried Shrimp recipe from Food Network then merged a couple of other ingredients I saw on other sites. I don’t know how this Shrimp dish got it’s name but it’s a very nice little appetizer and if you ever see it on a menu you have to try it.

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by on April 5th, 2014

Brown Butter Pecan Bark

Can’t get much easier than this.



Stack of sweetness


Who doesn’t love an easy recipe? If you are having a sweet craving or if you need something easy to take to a gathering considering making this. After making this you may want to keep some graham crackers on hand for that last minute dessert that literaterly takes minutes to make.

Graham crackers and chocolate always remind me of s’mores so when I found these two ingredients in my pantry and I needed something sweet for a group I started with “Google” (where else would we start). There are always pounds of pecans in my freezer so I knew I had the ingredients to make the recipe I found.

My results were not quite the same as the recipe I found online at the domestic Her recipe actually looked a little better than mine. She had a more caramel look to hers. I will try this again making sure my pecans are at room temperature and not still cold from the freezer. I feel like that might have lowered the temperature of the cooking sugar mixture and kept mine from getting brown like her recipe. Whatever the results, everyone loved these little pieces of crunch. (I couldn’t resist adding some mini chocolate chips to the top when it first came out of the oven.)


BLAST FROM THE PAST: Honey Pecan Stuffed Snow Peas never fail to delight those brave enough to pick one (or two) up and put them on their plates. The last time I looked at this recipe it had 2,180 views. Now it’s up to 4,656 — like I always say “someone out there is looking”. 

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by on March 31st, 2014

Chinese Fried Rice

Good to make with leftover chicken, bacon or pork.





This is another recipe that my sister and I have made for years (decades). I added a couple of extra ingredients and did the egg a little different but in the end it is just as delicious as the dish we have been making all out lives.

Since I was serving my Egg Foo Yung with this fried rice and I didn’t need the whole cane of bamboo shoots, water chestnuts or bean sprouts, I decided to add them to the recipe. If you want to make our original version then you can just leave out those three ingredients. BUT, I hope you will make the Egg Foo Yung along with the fried rice as a side dish.

Originally the egg was beaten and stirred into the finished dish. But I decided to beat the egg with a little soy and sesame oil and cook it like an omlette, really quick in a hot pan, flip it and then cut in strips. The egg has a better look like this rather than kind of mushing up with the rice the other way.

Just about any dish you have in a Chinese restaurant can probably be made better at home.  There’s a Walnut Shrimp dish I had once in Austin and I will be posting that soon.
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