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by on September 25th, 2016

Shrimp Taco Wraps


You don’t need any tortillas for this taco.

I’m always looking for something new to try on friends. Wednesday night is my “girl’s night out” night. Sometimes we do “movie night” (my favorite), sometimes we go out to eat at a local restaurant or occasionally we do dinner and one of our houses.

I love fish tacos and I know I’ve been doing a lot of shrimp recipes lately but I couldn’t resist trying out a recipe for shrimp tacos using lettuce leaves in place of the tortillas; so is it a taco or lettuce wrap or a little bit of both? Doesn’t that mean you can eat twice as much since that lettuce has almost zero calories. I like doing anything with shrimp because as long as there is a bag in your freezer you can come up with something yummy on a moments notice. I have 15 shrimp recipes in my “entree” section here and 14 recipes for appetizers (hot and cold). So, that goes to show you, there’s a lot you can do with that curved little crustacean.

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by on September 20th, 2016

Breakfast Stuffed Potato


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, this will fill you up.

I know I’m always saying that breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day and it still is and that’s why I’m always looking for something special to make on the weekends. If you eat this potato for breakfast you probably won’t be that hungry at lunch but that’s ok; that’s reason enough for me to eat my favorite lunch of cottage cheese and boiled egg and tomato.

This past week we were in Austin babysitting our 2 year old grandson, Thomas. Talk about a cutie pie, just to hear him say the work “snack” and they way he draws that word out brings a smile to my face; and like his Gran, he loves cottage cheese. He uses it as a dip on his favorite water cracker.

I remember when he was younger (that’s not too long ago) he would eat salmon roe with his little fingers and eat all kinds of things I probably wouldn’t eat. This week I had a list of things to prepare while his mom and dad were vacationing; things like lamb meat balls, cheese, eggs, all kinds of fruits, empanadas that mom made and put in the freezer and he loves his bread. On Fridays at school he makes challah and when he came home with his little bag the first thing he says is “my challah”. Everything that week was “my…” , “my helicopter in the sky”, “my truck”, “my bus” (the real ones) and when he saw a picture of his mom and dad it was “my momma” and “my dadda”.

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by on September 15th, 2016

Baby Romaine with Peaches and Bacon


On a trip to Savannah back in the spring we tasted some wonderful southern food. I made a list of several I wanted to try and recreate and I’ve already attempted a few of them successfully.

My twin, Terry, and Pauletta and Judy (high school friends) had a great time sampling some of the local cuisine. We had so many different things to choose from that it was a challenge every meal for me to make up my mine on what to order.

Belford’s Grill was our last place to eat before catching a ride to the airport and it was so hard making a decision on what to try; my choice ended up being their Fried Green Tomato Stack. But, before handing over the menu I copied down some things that really looked interesting.

Have you ever seen baby iceberg lettuce? Belford’s had a baby iceberg wedge salad on their menu and it looked so cute. So, one day I had it in my head I was going to make this salad of iceberg lettuce, fresh “southern” peaches, bacon, blue cheese and buttermilk dressing.

The first challenge was finding baby iceberg lettuce. No one had it, not even Whole Foods. Not only did they not have it, they had never heard of it. What I did find at my HEB was baby romaine lettuce. So cute, two little heads about 5″ long in each carton. I cut the heads in half and each half was enough for one salad. My second challenge was finding good peaches; couldn’t so I used nectarines.

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by on September 10th, 2016

Creamy Artichoke Pasta with Chicken


It’s a…….

Dear Diary,

It’s 1963 and “today I met the boy I’m going to marry” (as the song goes). Lots of sporting events, I attended, just to see the boy I was going to marry play football, baseball, basketball and track. High school went by so fast, where did that time go.

1969 — married and on our way to Panama City Beach for our honeymoon. Why are we the only car going South — oh, hurricane Camille coming and we had no idea what was going on with the evacuation. The hurricane missed our beach. My first glass of burgundy had me thinking I was not going to be a wine drinker (that changed). First helicopter ride (my last), back to college for hub and we spent a year and a half in Rolla.

1971-1976 — Our first move to Louisville, KY. First son born 1973, then second son 1976. Fond memories of Louisville and derby’s, friends and baby boys.

1980 — our daughter was born in Ft. Madison, IA

FAST FORWARD to 2016 — After a move from Iowa, to Chicago to Kansas City then our final move to Texas we are five grandsons richer with our daughter expecting again this February. Continue reading

by on September 5th, 2016

Shrimp and Mango Pintxos


So what’s a pintxo anyway.

I don’t know if I have every told you this story, so if I have just skip over this part. Years ago (1997) when my oldest graduated from University of Texas he moved to Spain for 5 months to learn to speak Spanish a little better. Well while there, one night he called and said he was on his way to a tapas bar. I knew what a tapas was because I had read about them even though I had not gone to a tapas bar yet. Anyway, long story short, I thought he said “topless bar” but then once he started talking about it I knew what he meant.

Many years later when we went to Spain, we ate at nothing but tapas bars in Seville because small plate appetizers are one of our favorite ways to eat –I just want several. So recently my son and his wife Missy returned from San Sebastian, Spain (trip for her 40th birthday) and they ate at some wonderful places. I received pictures almost daily of some of the pintxos they were feasting on.

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