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Oeuf Mayonnaise Ei, veze, arrautza, oeuf, Muna, Uovo, Ubh! Or just EGG! An egg by any other name would still be just an EGG. Just as Juliet once said “What’s in a name?”, That which we call an “egg” (sorry William) “by any other name would taste the same”. So whether you are saying Ei (Dutch), Veze (Albanian), Arrautza (Basque), Oeuf (French), Muna (Finnish( , Uovo (Italian), or Ubh (Irish) it’s still just an egg and for this recipe it’s a chicken egg.

Cheap Xanax Overnight I first saw oeuf mayonnaise on a food blog and to me looked like eggs sitting on top of grits. Not until I comment on David Lebovitz’s site did I know how wrong I was (and stupid) because I thought the stuff on the plate was “grits” (of course they had to be cheese grits) but the halved boiled eggs were sitting on top of homemade mayonnaise. 

Oeufs mayonnaise is a classis Parisian appetizer found in Parisian bistros and the dish had left the food scene for a while but now has returned. So pretty on a plate. Most of the pictures I found were pretty simple with just three halves of a boiled egg draped with a smooth, soft, velvety homemade mayonnaise. Back in 1990 a food critic, Claude Lebey, would give an award each year to the bistro that he thought was properly upholding the tradition of oeuf mayo. Then along came the food police and labeled the egg as bad for your cholesterol. These days everyone knows that the cholesterol in eggs has almost no effect on your blood cholesterol; so no way am I giving up eggs. This makes the perfect little appetizer or salad. I added a slice of tomato and some crispy bacon bits. What’s eggs without bacon anyway. In my opinion If bacon gets add then tomato has to be included. You can make your homemade mayo, which I did, or you can use some really good store bought mayo and thin it down with a little water or lemon juice. I had a little bit of problem with my mayonnaise as it broke but I was able to resurrect it by adding another egg yolk to the bowl and then slowly, very, very, very slowly drizzling in the broken mixture. and then it was reborn into a very nice mayo. Please give this little Parisian salad a try. I guarantee you will like it.

(Note: I did this for our GNO (girl’s night out) and we used this as one of the courses so it was kind of like an amuse bouche (almost but more than one bite). See picture below.) BLAST FROM THE PAST: Salad Lyonnaise is another French recipe that I made before a trip years go to France. Also has a nice poached egg on top. BLAST FROM THE PAST #2: Just had to repost these Orange and Golden Raisin Scones from last year. This recipe is one of my favorite scone recipes. Boil and peel your eggs and cut in halves. I tried to put a video on of an easy way to perfectly peel eggs but it didn’t work. Try putting the hot eggs after cooking to cool in ice water, then take a spoon and tap all over the egg to crack. After doing this, take off a few pieces of the shell using your fingers then use the curved part of the teaspoon against the curved part of the egg and just start sliding underneath the shell.  I had all perfect eggs.

Buy Valium China You can make your salad with or without the tomatoes, lettuce and bacon but I chose to use the extra garnishes.

Buy Alprazolam From India Spoon your homemade mayonnaise over each egg half and sprinkle with paprika. Put some bacon in the center and add some sliced tomatoes.

We had this for an appetizer one night during “lock down”. The perfect bite — a little lettuce, egg, bacon and tomato.

This is the one from our GNO. You could do this for a first course and it would be great or add more eggs and use it for a light lunch.  

Oeuf Mayonnaise


  • 3 halves of boiled egg per person
  • homemade mayonnaise your choice of recipes
  • Tomato slices cut in half
  • fried bacon crumbled
  • shredded lettuce


  1. Make your mayonnaise. If you choose to try already prepared mayonnaise use a good brand like Dukes or Hellmans. You may have to thin it down with a little water/lemon juice because you want it more the consistency of a sauce so it will smoothly cover the egg.
  2. Line our plate with shredded lettuce, top with 3 halves of boiled egg (per salad) add 3 pieces of tomato between the egg halves then put some bacon crumbles in the center. Sprinkle eggs with paprika.
  3. Enjoy

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