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Devonshire Cream and the Proper Way to Eat a Scone Too good to be a “Mock” anything. I use to call my recipe for Devonshire Cream “Mock Devonshire Cream”, but this is too good to be a “mock” anything and I’m sure is better than anything you buy ready made in a jar. Unless you have a cow out in your back yard where you can go milk her and take the unpasteurized milk and allow it to sit for 12-24 hours and then slowly heat it and then leave it to cool for another 12-24 hours you may want to make your own before going out and buying that cow just to get an authentic bowl of clotted cream to put on top of your scone to follow with jam. Devonshire cream is produced in Devon England.

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Recently I used this Devonshire Cream at a craft circle tea that was auctioned off last November. I think the ladies enjoyed themselves and have a look below at some of our pictures. So, on to the proper way to eat a scone. No, you don’t throw it in your mouth in one bite like my husband does. You don’t cut it with a knife; you break it apart horizontally with a fork or break off small bite size pieces with your hands and then you slather on the devonshire cream and jam. Another thing you don’t do is put it back together like a sandwich. These will be finger licking good but don’t do it. You want to put the devonshire cream and jam on your plate and then spread your scone. I like to put my jam on first and then the cream. Strawberry Jam or Raspberry Jam are traditional. I wouldn’t normally eat strawberry jam but for some reason is one of my favorites on scones. If you are eating the scone at home (alone) eat it however you want, just enjoy it however you wish to eat it and know you are not being “judged” for the way you cut, slice, slather, smear, or eat your scone. Our menu for the tea: Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail
Buy Valium 5Mg Online Cambozola/Plum/Proscuitto Amuse Bouche Cucumber Ribbon Sandwiches Smoked Salmon with Sprouts and Viola Garnish Egg Salad with Pickled Mustard Seeds on Spinach Leaf and Baguette
Buy Genuine Valium Online Cranberry Chicken Tart
Ham on Ham in Choux Puffs (Ham Salad with Crispy Prosciutto) Goat Cheese and Blackberry Tart Banana Coconut Puffs Deconstructed Chocolate Covered Strawberry Lemon Pudding Cake with Raspberry Topping Walnut Lavender Scones
Orange Currant Scones
Devonshire Cream
Strawberry and Raspberry Jams So if that menu isn’t enough for you to want to throw a tea, then just try one of my scone recipes (in bread or morning sections) and after eating a couple of scones you will want to make some sandwiches to go along with them and then don’t forget about that pot of tea.

Buy Valium 10 BLAST FROM THE PAST: So the next tea I do whether it is for myself or someone else I plan on making my Garden Vegetable Terrine into individual servings and serving with crackers. One of my favorite all-time appetizers.


Beautiful table with all my “pre-WWII” china and all those yummy sandwiches and sweets. untitled-63-X2

So on the bottom are the cranberry chicken tarts, the Goat Cheese Blackberry Tarts and the egg salad on spinach leaf and baguette. The second tier you can see the smoked salmon with the pretty little violas (they came from California) and the ribbon cucumber sandwiches.


Buy Genuine Valium This is our little amuse bouche with the melba square topped with cambozola cheese, plum piece, prosciutto and a drizzle of honey. We put these little appetizers on a pretty napkin and gave to the ladies along with a pomegranate cocktail when they arrived. IMG_9220 Here are little smoked salmon sandwiches I did on pumpernickel bread with dill mayo red cabbage sprouts, sugar snap sprouts and the violas that were purchased from California. The ham on ham are the choux puffs you see in the back. They have amaranth sprouts that I grew (along with a friend who babysat them while we were in Austin over the weekend), ham salad and a piece of crispy proscuitto (ham on ham). Cucumber Ribbon sandwich in the background made with my Benedictine Spread. IMG_9174 These are the red cabbage sprouts that a friend pick up for me at the farmer’s market. I’m going to grow some of these myself because they looked so good on the Ham on Ham Puff and would be good on salads or sandwiches. IMG_9223

Order 3Mg Xanax Online For the tables we used different colored cloths under lace or crocheted cloths. IMG_9226
I have about 40 sets of pre-WWII Noritake for salad plates, cups/saucers. We printed off the menu and put under the cup and saucers. IMG_9235 One of our craft circle ladies made the teacup dish towels that we gave to each guest along with a teacup cookie made my A Spoon Full of Sugar here in The Woodlands.


Desserts which were placed on the top of the tiered trays; Lemon Pudding Cakes, Deconstructed Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Banana Puffs.

Devonshire Cream
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  1. 6 oz. cream cheese, softened
  2. 1 c. heavy whipping cream
  3. 1/2 c. sour cream
  4. 3 - 4 Tbsp. powdered sugar
  5. 1 tsp. vanilla
  1. With an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy. Beat in the sour cream and the powdered sugar until smooth and no lumps.
  2. Add in the heavy cream and beat on medium speed until thoroughly combined and then beat on high speed until you have stiff peaks.
  3. Refrigerate until serving with your scones.
  1. I like to make this either the day before or day I'm serving scones. If you want it a little thicker, add the whole block (8 oz.) of cream cheese.
Rosemary and the Goat

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