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Cherry and Peach Strudel

Sweet, sweet cherries.

Last August my sister and I were picking some cherries for photo op up in Door County, Wisconsin. That’s when we were out of our minds and decided to do a Segway tour in Peninsula State Park and we both fell twice off them and I’m still having shoulder trouble a year later.

I love cherries, and in August they were really cheap in the markets. I think I paid $1.99 lb. for these cherries and the peaches are some leftover from my Trader Joe’s box I bought. Before the peaches went bad and the cherries were all eaten (by me) I wanted to make something with them.

While at Pike’s Market in Seattle I had a chance to taste some Rainier cherries. They are the golden looking ones that I always pass up in the grocery store for the red ones which I always thought were better. I was wrong, they are both delicious.

My oldest son, Scott, loves Cherries and when we were visiting Chicago a while back I asked our 4 year old grandson if he liked cherries (knowing that his dad liked them). Oliver was so funny, he said “yes I like them but mom can’t buy them because dad eats them all up”; and he proceeded to say the same thing about potato chips.

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