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Whipped Cream Frosting

Time tested recipe from the 50’s!

This recipe is all about the frosting and not about the cake. This is best on chocolate or Red Velvet cake and you can make whatever recipe you want for the cake but please try this, it will become a favorite.

The dried pineapple flowers add a beautiful touch to this cake. Although I wouldn’t put pineapples on a chocolate cake (this cake) they would work really well on a Hummingbird cake or a pineapple cake. I will post the how to on the pineapple slices this coming week.

My mother was a wonderful baker and she made all sorts of things when we were growing up. She use to do this special cake around Thanksgiving called Amalgamation Cake. It had ground raisins, nuts, coconut, blackberry jam and almost a dozen eggs. What I remember most about this cake is she would make it a couple of weeks in advance, wrap it really well with plastic wrap and set it on the floor in the closet and over the next couple of weeks the flavors would all meld together into this wonderful tasting holiday cake. Over the years I have told myself I was going to enter that recipe in a contest because I have never seen a recipe with these ingredients.

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