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Grilled Flank Kebabs with Chimichurri Sauce

I love Chimichurri on this flank kebab. The color of the sauce is so vivid and pretty on the plate.

I love flank steak. It’s one of those pieces of meat that a lot of people don’t know what to do with because it can be tough. I have cooked flank steak for years and have found that if you marinade it for a few hours it will be very tender. Flank should always be cut cross-grain and never cooked more than medium to medium-rare. 

The flank comes from the abdominal muscle of a cow and is a long thin piece of meat. It looks a little like skirt steak that is used in making fajitas. Normally it needs some type of moist cooking method. But I have found just marinating it, grilling for about 30 minutes, produces a juicy, tender steak.

Over the years I have taken flank steak strips and spread them with a blue cheese spread, rolled it up, skewered it and served as an appetizer. We have had it as an entree marinated in my teriyaki sauce (see below), and I have skewered it with marinated mushrooms for an appetizer. Always cut it very thin and you will never be disappointed in this piece of meat.

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