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The Ugly Sweater Cookie

What became of that ugly sweater?

I never really owned an ugly Christmas sweater. In fact, I never liked to put on a heavy sweater or any type of clothing that was heavy. Oh, could I use a few of those now in this freezing weather here in Texas. I hope everyone is staying warm and have power So far (fingers crossed) we have not lost power in Round Top.

So, back to the ugly sweater cookie.  For Christmas 2018 we rented a house on Lake Travis in Austin. All three of our kids and their spouses and their (2 each) boys (grandsons) came. I had planned ahead for cookie decorating and even made cookies in shape of the Catan game board for the kids to help decorate for their uncle Scott’s Christmas birthday. And, of course, we did all our normal “Michie” cookie of everything from escargot to chocolate martinis.

Perfection is something I long for and have yet achieved. Looking back at these pictures today, who would have ever though that we would be baking/selling cookies at Lollitop Sweetshop here in Round Top, Texas. Decorating cookies have never been my cup of tea because I’m not good at it. Paul and I are getting much better since these cookies were decorated back in 2018 and we have moved on to experimenting with royal icing.  What’s next? Who knows. If it looks good and taste good you will probably be seeing it at Lollitop.

Take a look at our little ones from two years ago and their handiwork in the cookie department. And, oh yeah, guess who won the ugly sweater cookie decorating contest — PAUL.

Stay warm and I’ll start trying to be better and cooking up some more goodies for you to try. If you’re in Round Top, stop by Lollitop Sweetshop and look at our delicious baked sweets, candy and all the savory things we have started baking. The best is yet to come!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Here’s an Escargot from Christmas a couple of years ago.

Here’s the cookie maker himself (Paul) with one of his decorated cookies. And, he went on to win our ugly sweater cookie decorating contest; except his was pretty nice looking.

Some of the kid’s handiwork.

Out “Catan” cookies for Uncle Scott’s Christmas Birthday

Here’s Brooke lending a helping hand. Who knew back then that she would now be describing our delicious cookies on Instagram for Round Topers so they could come by for a bite or two.

Boy, have these little guys changed.

I’m sure this beautiful cookie came in second place.

So, here are a few shots of our present day Valentine cookies. We are getting better with each cookie we bake.

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