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Blackberry Bramble Cocktail

What a way to start off an afternoon!

We aren’t saying goodbye to summer yet here in Texas and a cocktail made with fresh blueberries is the perfect end to a hot day.

A lot of you may be into Fall already. If so, I envy you. We don’t really have Fall or Spring here in our part of Texas. We have hot and cool sometimes a little cold but never those Fall days when you can see and feel the leaves falling around you or the welcomed Spring days that you smell fresh cut grass, smell after a rain shower and flowers popping up all over the place. What we do have is 12 months out of the year that my husband can play golf, can work outside and we enjoy our outdoor kitchen more from September through June before it does get a little too hot to even want to be outside.

On the second leg of our Michigan trip a couple of months ago we arrived in Traverse City just in time for lunch at the Firefly Grill. I’ve told you about the calamari (haven’t made that for you yet) and to wash that down I had a blackberry bramble cocktail.

I’m not a cocktail for lunch kind of person especially since dieting doesn’t usually include drinking. Well, this was a vacation so I thought what the heck and ordered a drink. I love any kind of fruit tossed and muddled into a drink and this was perfect. Of course the color, purple, was perfect too.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Want another great cocktail? I love an Aviation; it dates back to 1916 when it was created by Hugo Ensslin and is made with gin (could use vodka) and Creme de Violet; a great floral taste and scent. 

Just a few ingredients for a great cocktail.

Put about 4-5 blackberries in shaker and using a muddler (the green thing), mash up the blackberries.

Pour into short glass and top with a couple of blackberries and orange peel.

Sit back and enjoy!

Blackberry Bramble Cocktail


  • 1 1/2 oz.bombay sapphire gin
  • 3/4 oz. lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz. simple syrup
  • 1/2 creme de mure blackberry liqueur
  • 6 blackberries per drink
  • Sparkling water optional
  • Strip of orange peel


  1. Put 4 of the blackberries in cocktail shaker and using a muddler, mash the blackberries. Add crushed ice, lemon juice, gin, simple syrup, Creme de Mure blackberry liqueur to the shaker. Shake for a minute or so and then pour (I don't strain) into cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel and a couple of the fresh blackberries.

Recipe Notes

If too strong for you, add a splash of something sparkling. Sit back and enjoy.

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