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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Garnish

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose……

What is Christmas in July anyway. I never really understood celebrating Christmas in July but I decided to show you this cute little garnish I use to make for all the Christmas parties I catered.

This is such a great tray garnish for your holidays.  No instructions really needed but here’s how I would always make them.

Choose a perfectly “reindeer head” shaped pear. I always used the brown pears. Now for the ginger root, I would sort though the bin of ginger root pieces and find two that looked like reindeer antlers and then break off what I needed; why buy what you don’t need, right.

Decide how you want to situate the antler pieces and cut the bottom off in a slant to fit the shape of the pear where it will be sitting.

Cut the bottom of the pear off at a slant so it will sit with the nose end up. Put two toothpicks into each piece of ginger (that way they don’t swivel around) and insert into the back of the pear.

Cut radishes slices for the eyes. Attach them by using half a toothpick for each and insert that almost all the way into the pear leaving just enough sticking out of the radish to attach the raisin to.

Do the same with the cherry nose. Insert toothpick into the end of the pear and add the cherry.

I would usually make these ahead and put in a plastic bag so he wouldn’t dry out.

Here I have him sitting on spinach. He looks really cute on ruffled lettuce because it looks like a collar.

UPDATE ON THE WHITE CHOCOLATE KEY LIME PIE: I have a picture of the Key Lime Plate Scraper sauce I ordered from Smucker’s.


Looking cute as ever. He will last for days and can be used many times during the holidays.


Here’s Rudolph sporting himself on a tray of Jalapeno Squares.

Your kids and grandkids will love seeing these during the holidays. Here’s a dried Pineapple Flower that would be great on any dessert this summer.

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