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Eggs Benedict with a Twist

Eggs Benedict revisted.

Buy Valium 10 Don’t you just love finding an updated recipes; recipes that have been around for years and have been given a new twist to make it a little more exciting. I think it is time that a dish like Eggs Benedict get that make over. Is it possible to improve on an English muffin, topped with Canadian bacon, poached egg and hollandaise — of course it is and what an improvement.

Last year on a trip to New Orleans we had breakfast at Dantes Kitchen. The Shrimp and Grits were great, the steak and eggs made with tenderloin, Bearnaise sauce and poached eggs were fantastic and the twist on their Dante’s Eggs Benedict was tasty and interesting. I also had my first milk punch which I can’t wait to make for brunch sometime. If I had to scrimp on anything on a trip, it would not be on the restaurant or the food. Give me a room with a bed and I’m happy. But, please, don’t make me eat at some fast food, chain restaurant. To me, the best part of traveling is trying new restaurants and food that I haven’t made or eaten before. So, this Eggs Benedict started with a homemade buttermilk biscuit with a little honey, topped with a slice of rosemary rubbed pork loin, and a poached egg and hollandaise. Like always, I’m thinking, hey, I can make that and here’s my version. I had some thick cut boneless pork loin roast in my freezer so I sliced it thin, rubbed it with rosemary and olive oil and grilled it quickly on both sides. A little honey, egg and hollandaise and you have the newly dressed Eggs Benedict. Continue Reading…