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Chocolate Raspberry Soup Can Bread

Recycle those soup cans.

How many things can you remember doing with a soup can or for that fact any can.

Did you ever tie strings on them and use them for mini stilts to walk on?  I did.  Did you ever connect two cans with waxed twine and use them for walkie talkies?  My twin sister and I did. Did you use them to hold your marbles or Jacks or even use them to plant flowers in? AND, who doesn’t remember playing kick the can out on a dark street on a hot summer’s night until our mother’s called us home.

Here’s a new use for the can if you haven’t already tried this.  I’m making chocolate raspberry loaf in a soup can. I recently had a pumpkin soup can bread in a restaurant in Austin and thought that it was so cute and just couldn’t wait until fall to make it since I always think of pumpkin bread when the leaves start to fall and there’s a chill in the air. The chill in the air in Texas might not come until sometime in December. So I started getting anxious to try some kind of bread in these soup cans I have been saving. I’m sure you could make any quick bread recipe in the cans but I had everything needed for this bread, so chocolate raspberry bread it was going to be. I also noticed that Campbell’s soup cans have a little lip on the inside which might prevent the bread from sliding out whereas the store brand did not have that lip. I think a tuna can would make a cute can of bread or even a mandarin orange or mushroom can would make an individual loaf for each person.

BLAST FROM THE PAST — Garden Vegetable Terrine has been one of my favorite recipes that I make for parties I cater. I finally gave up the recipe a couple of years ago. If you haven’t tried it, you should. If you have tried it, please leave a comment.

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