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Poppycock Restaurant Entree / Fish/Seafood Order Xanax / Pasta

Key Lime Shrimp with Trottole Pasta

Buy Valium From Canada Mail Order Diazepam Uk Good and bad from Poppycocks…

Buy Valium Mexico So, the bad I will get out of the way first. We had dinner one night at Poppycocks in Traverse City, MI and my husband had the worst meal ever. It was cold, the plating didn’t make sense, vegetables looked raw and even after sending it back it still wasn’t good or even hot. In almost 50 years of marriage I don’t think he has sent anything back. The fish had no color and looked steamed and who puts a big chunk of cold tomato under a cooked piece of fish.

Now to the good. I really felt quilty eating my delicious Key Lime Shrimp and Pasta dish. It was so good and the lime flavor was so refreshing. I offered him a bite (only one) which he refused because he was waiting on his plate to be reheated. I think maybe they took the plate back and just looked at it and brought it back. So much for the SPECIAL of the evening. Continue Reading… Buy Alprazolam Online Legally Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol Buy Xanax 2Mg India Cheap Xanax From Mexico