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Orange and Almond Angel Food Cake

Simple but elegant. That’s what I think of this recipe.

With Spring here and everyone is thinking of getting into their bikinis, (not me!) lighter desserts are in order. I’m not sure how many people are like me, but I would like to have a bite of something sweet after a meal. Lately, it’s just been fruit, but for Easter I made this cake and it is delightful. I have made this recipe for almost 20 years and am always wondering what we would do without “the incredible edible egg”.

The angel food cake is believed to have originated back in the early 1800’s. The classic story behind the name “angel food cake” is that this dessert is so white, light, and fluffy it must be fit for angels. A traditional angel food cake pan is a tube pan with a removable bottom and when you take the baked cake out of the oven, you turn it upside down on a bottle so it will cool and not collapse.  I also have a heart shaped angel food pan that makes a beautiful cake and you can buy individual angel food cake pans also for small individual cakes.

I envision some pioneer woman with some sugar, flour and egg whites making this cake for the first time. I seem to imagine how I want things to be sometimes. Like going to the movie, if I don’t like the ending, I make up my own ending and I ALWAYS make a sequel.  Same with this cake. Maybe SHE had made egg noodles for her family during the day and had all these egg whites left over and her family was whining for something sweet to eat. Of course she didn’t know how to make a souffle with those egg whites. After all, Julia hadn’t been born yet šŸ™‚ — so she whips up a light and airy dessert for her family.

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