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Egg Salad Baguette

Not your ordinary egg salad sandwich!

Doesn’t everyone love egg salad sandwiches? I do. Take the egg salad that you normally make for lunch and serve it for any party you may have this summer.

Usually I make a chunky version for sandwiches and sometimes even add avocado like I did in this Egg/Avocado on Baguette appetizer. But last February when I was making a little sandwich for our craft circle tea that was auctioned off I decided I didn’t want any ordinary egg salad sandwich. Even though I love any kind of egg salad on a good white bread or pumpernickel, I wanted a little something different for the tea.

So, I made my normal egg salad with boiled eggs, some mayo, mustard (yellow and Dijon) and some salt and pepper. What I did next was a little different. I put the mixture in my mini food processor and made a smooth mixture out of it. I then buttered (or use olive oil) baguette slices and lightly toasted. (The egg salad in above picture didn’t process as much as the lower picture did. I like it totally smooth so it doesn’t look like egg salad but still has the same taste.) A mini ice cream scoop was used to put small scoops of egg salad on baby spinach leaves and put this atop the buttered toasted bread slices. I garnished with my pickled mustard seeds and some fresh dill. You don’t have to use the pickled mustard seeds though; you could also use a pimento or a piece of red bell pepper.

This would be a great little appetizer for the summer or a nice side to a bowl of cucumber soup or gazpacho. So, there’s no recipe here, just a different way to use your own recipe of egg salad. Like I said above, I do like it better processed to a smooth paste. I got in a hurry when I did the above ones and didn’t get it as smooth.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Floating Island is a fantastic dessert of French origin consisting of meringue floating on creme anglaise. Can’t get much better than this to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Mix all your normal egg salad ingredients together and put in a mini processor. Second time I made these I tried my magic bullet and it didn’t turn it into a paste like the below photo. Next time I will use my Vitamin or big processor.


So, I did this much in advance and night before serving I lightly toasted the bread and added the egg/spinach to top. This mixture was processed a little more than the first picture. I like this smoother texture the best.


Cut your baguette into thin slices and either butter or brush with olive oil. Toast in 350° oven until barely toasted.


Put a scoop on top of spinach leaf then top with some pickled mustard seeds and dill. If you don’t want to make my pickled mustard seeds top with a slice of green olive or a piece of red bell pepper.


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