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Crispy Chicken Cutlets with Avocado

Let’s hear it for WHITE BREAD!

Recently I had to go on a low-fiber diet for two weeks. Ok, so all I had to do was think of all the things you should not eat like white bread, and white rice was at the top of my list of things that I can happily eat and not feel guilty about.

Peanut butter sandwich (yes) with white bread, bologna sandwich can’t be beat on white bread. How I love white rice; yes, we normally eat brown rice but I like the texture of white rice the best. I’ve got to hurry so I can squeeze in some good cucumber sandwiches on soft white bread before the clock runs out and we return to our somewhat healthy way of eating. The Panko crumbs and cornflakes in this recipe barely have any fiber in them so this was the perfect recipe to fill in one of my 14 days of low-fiber meals.

This was one of Southern Livings recipes in their April magazine I jazzed it up with some sliced avocado and also added some Italian seasoning to the crumb mixture. I think it was delicious and my husband did too; he thought it needed more cheese in the sauce, but you can decide for yourself if you want to add more.

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Crispy Buffalo Wings with Two Sauces

Who doesn’t love chicken wings?

I love, love, love chicken wings. Put a bone in it and I like it. Pork chop bones; great to try and get all the meat off it, chicken necks (yes, fried chicken necks; that’s the best part of the chicken.), and those crispy little wings. My favorite part of the wing is actually the flat part and not the little drummy part.

Seems like years ago when people made buffalo wings they put a flour coating on them kind of like KFC and then I started seeing “naked” wings advertised. I don’t like the wings tossed with the sauce; too messy and sticky to eat. So, when we go to our favorite place, I ask for extra crispy wings with sauce on the side. One reason I ask for extra crispy besides that is the way I like them is that you are getting fresher wings and not something that’s been sitting back in the kitchen soaking up all that hot sauce.

I have a confession and this is hard to admit. I love celery with either blue cheese or ranch dressing but when I order it at our wing place, they give you a container of dressing and like 5 short pieces of celery. I eat as much celery with my wings as I do the wings. So now when I know we are going there, I take a bag of celery sticks (a lot), I order one dressing/celery and when I finish their celery, I take out my own and put on the plate. I know, that is pretty cheap of me but I’m not spending six bucks to get as much celery as I want. Ok, I guess I am cheap.

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Chicken Marbella

You will be smacking your lips by the time you get this in the refrigerator.

So, what are you feeding your family and friends during the holidays this year? Back when we were kids it seemed like we would have turkey and dressing for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, maybe throw in some ham and probably had the save side dishes. Over the years of being married (now 47) we started doing something beef — either prime rib, beef tenderloin and this year we are doing steak and I have ordered a “M” branding iron that we will use to brand each steak. I’m calling this our cowboy Christmas. We are renting a house over in Wimberly, TX and all three kids and spouses and 5 3/4 grandsons are all coming.

I’m trying to come up with some old fashioned games and plenty of Christmas crafts the kids can make for table decorations or place cards. Cowboy acrylic hat to use for chips and dip or ice buckets, bandanas for napkins and anything else I can come up to have a Texas themed “cowboy” Christmas. Our house (Wimberly) has a huge outdoor kitchen with even a pizza oven and a porch so long with rocking chairs to over look the hills of Wimberly.

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Honey Chicken Roman Style (Poulet Apicius)

Brings back memories of Arles.

“A surprising and unusual chicken dish that harks back to the flavors of the Romans. Honey, spices and fish sauce. This is a dish inspired by the writings of Apicius”–

That’s the way this dish was described to us by our cooking instructor in Arles, France. It’s been four years since we were in France and I recently found this recipe while doing a cleanout of our kitchen before having everything painted inside and out. While visiting France (especially Provence) we wanted to take a cooking class and we came across this class in Arles. The kitchen looked at least 200 years old and it was such a fun class and much more interesting that some of the ones I’ve taken in kitchens all decked out with Viking equipment and sterile surroundings. Our instructor couldn’t speak English and his assistant translated everything we were to do while shopping at the street market and preparing the lunch/dinner.

I was reading up on Roman food saw where the Romans loved fish sauce that they made and that they used a lot of seasoning in their foods because a lot of the time the food would have turned rancid from improper storage and to keep their guest from tasting this, covered it up with lots of different spices. They also had no forks and ate either with their fingers or using spoons and knives. So, if you feel the urge, just pick the chicken up with your fingers and enjoy.

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Creamy Artichoke Pasta with Chicken

It’s a…….

Dear Diary,

It’s 1963 and “today I met the boy I’m going to marry” (as the song goes). Lots of sporting events, I attended, just to see the boy I was going to marry play football, baseball, basketball and track. High school went by so fast, where did that time go.

1969 — married and on our way to Panama City Beach for our honeymoon. Why are we the only car going South — oh, hurricane Camille coming and we had no idea what was going on with the evacuation. The hurricane missed our beach. My first glass of burgundy had me thinking I was not going to be a wine drinker (that changed). First helicopter ride (my last), back to college for hub and we spent a year and a half in Rolla.

1971-1976 — Our first move to Louisville, KY. First son born 1973, then second son 1976. Fond memories of Louisville and derby’s, friends and baby boys.

1980 — our daughter was born in Ft. Madison, IA

FAST FORWARD to 2016 — After a move from Iowa, to Chicago to Kansas City then our final move to Texas we are five grandsons richer with our daughter expecting again this February. Continue Reading…

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Chicken Chow Mein

Thanks Mema for teaching me how to make this.

I can’t tell you how many years I have been making this; oh, I guess I can, and that would be since I’ve been married which is going on 47 years.

I started dating my husband in high school when I was 15 and the rest is history. He use to hang around our house and ate many a meal there and I would go to his house for dinner. One night his mom was making chicken chow mein which I had never heard of let alone tried. So this one night that I had dinner at his house, I remember like it was yesterday, he put the chow mien on my plate and told me I would really like it. My initial thought was it looked like a lot of little worms. Maybe so, but it was delicious.

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Cruciferous Chicken Crunch

This is Cruiciferous!

Ok, you are probably not like me and thought that Cruiciferous is another word for delicious or stupendous or another word for boy is that delicious.

I’m always on the lookout for some new green veggie combination and when I first ran across this bag of veggies at Trader Joe’s I thought they were just salad ingredients but upon reading the bag I saw that the veggie blend could be used in sautés also. Here’s what I did one day for lunch then improved upon it the next time I used the bag of veggies.

So my first attempt was to throw it in a skillet with a tiny bit of oil, some garlic and onion powder and after it was cooked for a few minutes I added some chopped smoked chicken thighs I had left over in the refrigerator; it was so good that I told myself that I could easily eat this every day for lunch and what a great “green” thing to make for St. Patrick’s Day.

My second attempt was even better. I used about 1 teaspoon of sesame oil along with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, sautéed the veggies, added in the chicken as I did the first time along with about 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and then sprinkled in some sesame seeds at the end. I’m giving you the second version recipe but know if you just want to throw it in a skillet, sauté, add some chicken, it is still delicious. Continue Reading…

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Bourbon Teriyaki Chicken

No bourbon in this bourbon chicken.

So, what do you do in the winter months to pass the time, all that shopping for the holidays is past and even if you resolved to get in the gym more often, that still leaves a lot of time on your hands; that is if you are not working or taking care of the kids. I would like to go back a few (a bunch) years and still have the kids at home, cooking and taking care of them, running them all over the place. OUCH, I just pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. I love being a mother for three of the best kids I know, but its fun watching them be parents and watching the five little grandsons grow up.

There are probably eight million ways to do chicken and this is just one of them. (Hey, recognize that line — “There are eight million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them.” (The Naked City TV series from 50’s/60’s). Who doesn’t love chicken and like I said, there are a kazillion ways to prepare it.

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Tandoori Chicken Thigh Kabobs

This isn’t a red tandoori and can be an appetizer or main dish.

I have been wanting to make an Indian dish for a long time. After a recent visit to Chicago to visit our son, daughter-in-law and two sweet grandsons we cooked Peruvian one night, ribs another night, out for Korean, then our last night there we prepared a wonderful very scentiful Indian meal consisting of Garlic Naan, Spinach Dahl, Samosas with mango chutney and my daughter-in-law, Missy made some Indian Chicken Skewers and we enjoyed the meal with some Indian music playing in the background. We like to coordinate our music to our meal. We also found some Peruvian music to go with the Peruvian chicken thanks to Google Play.

I think I tasted my first tripe in Chicago, my first Korean BBQ, cheeks, first Harissa fish dish, and probably some foods I didn’t know what I was eating while visiting. So, when it comes to Indian food, I rely on Scott and Missy to show us the way. I have made naan and samosas before but the Spinach Dahl was a first for me.

I only had one day after returning from Chicago to prepare something for our bunco meeting and killing time at the airport waiting for a delayed plane was the perfect time to come up with a recipe. Tandoori chicken kept popping up in some of my searches and after looking at a lot of recipes, I put together my own. Didn’t want it red since I had read that restaurants usually use red dye #40 to make their’s red and I realized that all tandooris do not have to be that bright red color. Anything that artificial looking quickly becomes unappetizing to me because I know that the color doesn’t come from a natural ingredient.

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Butterflies with Chicken, Asparagus and Snap Peas

Thanks Ferrari-Carano for your inspiration for this dish.

I’ve said before that some of my favorite places to look for new recipes are winery sites; and I found this recipe at

Even though I have made pasta many times, I wasn’t up to making the bowtie pasta this time around. You may not remember me talking about our pasta making experience in Italy several years ago; believe me, it was an I Love Lucy moment for sure. We did make bow tie pastas along with about 5 other varieties. I remember the strip of pasta for the bow ties and tortellinis getting bigger and bigger as we rolled through the machine and we were folding it over our arms to keep up.

But, when I found this recipe a couple of years ago, I remembered some beautiful striped pasta I had seen in my grocery and what better pasta to use to make a butterfly pasta dish. If you want to try and make your own butterflies, visit their website and give it a go. Of course, when I went looking for the colorful little pieces of pasta, they were no where to be found but on Amazon. My Amazon Prime membership has really paid off because I order food products from them all the time and with no shipping it is a lot easier than driving all over the place looking for something. So, if you want to try the pasta I used, you can order it here.

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Peruvian Grilled Chicken

The best rotisserie chicken you will ever eat!

This is my second time making this recipe and couldn’t wait to try it out for Memorial Day and I loved it even more.

I’ve never been to Peru but I know if we were there we would be eating this Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa (blackened chicken) probably at some little cafe in the heart of the city. Maybe we will have to go there and try this dish first hand.

This recipe comes from Great Lakes Better Food website. I have no idea how I happened upon it; maybe when I was looking for chicken recipes to do in our new outdoor kitchen that is in the process of being built.

The spices in this recipe took a little tracking down; I found the Aji Amarillo paste at Whole Foods, the achiote seasoning at a small Mexican grocery (although I later found at our HEB) and the huacatay paste (black mint) on Amazon. (All of these can be bought on Amazon.) Believe me, this recipe is worth all that trouble. And besides, my husband did the hard work of cooking the chickens.

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Chinese Orange Chicken

AND THE WINNER IS…. (see below for “giveaway” winner.

I made cauliflower rice with this dish but any kind of rice would be wonderful.

Chungah at blog uses simple fresh ingredients to make elegant easy meals. She had two chicken recipes I found interesting so I merged them into one. I love eating Chinese food and I use to make it more often. I have been wanting to use some of the beautiful chop sticks (washable ones, of course) that I ordered for a friend’s ‘China Going Away Party’ a year ago and I thought this recipe with its larger cuts of chicken would work great with my little sticks of art.

One of Chungah’s recipe is fried and the other is baked. I made the chicken nuggets as suggested in Baked Honey Garlic Chicken but liked the ingredients in the Chinese Orange Chicken. So, I took pieces of each recipes and changed the technique to suit what I wanted the outcome to be — a non-fried Chinese Orange Chicken.

Dam Delicious has some beautiful recipe and you should spend a little time over at her site looking at some of her things. She definitely inspired me to cook up some Asian flavors.

Update: So, I’m hoping this new recipe card format is working out. Looks like you can leave a comment for the blog (which is at the bottom of the post) or if you try the recipe you can leave a comment or review about the recipe. Hope you will try both.

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