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Entree/ Soup

Fried Turkey Gumbo

So what to do with the fried turkey carcass? You make gumbo!

Well, it was raining today down here in South Texas which pretty much destroyed my plans to play in a golf tournament this morning.  It was not only wet, it was cold too — almost 40 degrees so I really wasn’t too motivated to work in the yard or do anything that was particularly constructive.

Being trapped inside for a day led me to the refrigerator to chow down on some comfort food.  As it turned out, I couldn’t find anything interesting but I did notice a frozen fried turkey carcass in the freezer.  It was left over from Thanksgiving when we deep fried turkeys out in the backyard.

We have fried a ton of turkeys for ourselves and friends for many years. One of my sons and I get up early every Thanksgiving, crack open a bottle of cognac, pour some cotton seed oil in a pot, light up a fire and start frying turkeys. Lots of people use peanut oil for frying but we’re from SE Missouri cotton country and we use cottonseed oil (it burns cleaner and has a high flash point). Sometimes we have two pots going. I generally take a break and run the annual 5 mile turkey trot with our other son, daughter-in-law, daughter and anyone else who feels up to it, then it’s back to turkey frying. Sure helps build an appetite for the rest of the day.

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