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Feta and Sundried Tomato Torte

Sun-dried Tomato Torte with baguette slices mixes lots of flavorful ingredients to make a great party spread.

I’ve been catering for 20 years and still my favorite things to make are appetizers. 

We just returned from a trip to New York and we had some wonderful meals at DBGB, Gramery Tavern, and Babbo. I learned a new word this trip — amuse bouche. This is a tiny appetizer that the chef sends out to tickle your taste buds. I’m going to be trying one that we had at Gramercy Tavern real soon — as soon as they send me the recipe :). The night at Gramercy Tavern we had a potato amuse bouche that was served as soon as we sat down and then by the time we finished our meal, we had three dessert amuse bouche and then our main desserts we ordered, then they bought us a little crumb cake each to take home for breakfast. A fantastic meal we shared with friends also celebrating their anniversary. Our 40th, their 25th.

This isn’t a tiny appetizer but I think your taste buds will enjoy it.

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