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Southwest Open Faced Sandwich

A delicious grilled sandwich for a summer cookout.

I love anything that can be grilled outside in the summer so our kitchen does not get as hot as blazes.  We grill out 12 months a year here in Texas. In fact, when we lived in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Kentucky, if we wanted BBQ we didn’t care if there was 1″ or 6″ of snow on the ground, my husband would crank up his grill and get a fire going.

This sandwich is great because there is only one slice of bread which kind of fools you into thinking it is good for your waistline.  The chicken is grilled and it has all the flavors of the Southwest. Of course all the veggies toppings are good and healthy and full of color.

We have been trying to decide what kind of outdoor kitchen we want since putting our pool in five years ago. My husband has our original cast iron grill that we bought back in 1970 and it is still one of his favorites. He has a barrel smoker where he BBQs all his delicious pork butts and ribs and just recently he bought what he calls a “throw away” gas grill until he decides what equipment he really wants for doing some the best BBQ you have ever put in your mouth.

For this sandwich, he did not have the new gas grill yet and he used his turkey burner with a cast iron griddle on top.  It was really kind of funny to look at considering his bbq skills and here he was with this “thing” rigged up to do the chicken breast.

cooking 005

This is a delicious topping for the chicken sandwich. The Orange and Black Bean Salsa has a nice bite to it and really enhances all the flavors of the sandwich.

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