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Smoked Salmon Stacks

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Smoked Salmon Stacks

What a quick little appetizer to make.

My only experience with salmon before I got married was with the canned variety being made into salmon patties (croquets) by my mother; and our favorite way of eating the crispy, pan-fried patties was with mushroom soup poured over them like a gravy and that would have been canned mushroom soup.

Then we moved to Texas where I discovered more varieties of fish than I could have ever imagined. We now have available all kinds of fresh fish and I’m constantly coming up with different ways of preparing it. Salmon is one of my favorites especially when my husband cooks it on the grill.

My friend, Peggy, can always come up with a little appetizer that can be throw together at a moments notice. We have been trading recipes for years and back in the summer she did a smoked salmon recipe where you put a softened whipped cream cheese with chives, parsley, lemon zest and lemon juice in processor until smooth. Then you simply squirt a small amount on one of the thick style potato chips, top with a small piece of smoked salmon and serve. Talk about quick!

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