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Rosemary Frico Crisp

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Rosemary Goat Frico

Goat milk cheddar make these even the more wonderful.

I’m sure if you haven’t made frico you have at least eaten them. Some of our local groceries sell them but why buy something you can make in your own kitchen and put your own spin on them and of course they taste even better.

This simple little crisp is nothing more than cheese, a pinch of flour, and whatever you want to add in for a different twist. In America these are called Cheese Crisp and in Italy frico. Now you tell me which one has the most appetizing sound — Free-co or Cheese Crisp.  I’m going with Frico. These little bites of cheesy bliss make the perfect simple appetizer for any meal and just think about the holidays to come and how you don’t want to over feed your guests on appetizers before the big meal. Put a few of these out with glasses of wine or cocktails and they will be happy until you ring the dinner bell.

Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets We were out on the lake last weekend with friends and my husband had smoked a brisket for dinner on the lake. My friend, Peggy, made cheddar frico which we gobbled up while floating on our noodles in the lake. These lacy crisp took my mine off the fact that I had been watching “gator weekend” on sci-fi all day and was anticipating an attach from dino-gator or some other creature like the giant python that I saw fight the dino-gator. Her container of Frico were gone in a flash by 6 noodle floating friends with a glass of wine in one hand and a Frico in the other.

Buy Alprazolam In China I still had some goat milk cheddar and a little chunk of parmesan and with a snip of rosemary from my garden and a few grinds of black pepper these were a snap to throw together. Now let’s see how long they last in my house. Guess I better go take my hub one before I eat them all. Continue Reading…