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French Country Roasted Chicken


We always love watching the Tour de France every year and after watching it just a few days I found myself laying around the pool day dreaming. I have the best day dreams and in this particular dream I was in France and I’m in a little convertible taking in beautiful panoramic views on roads clinging to the sides of cliffs. It’s so beautiful I can hardly breath. Of course there’s a picnic basket in back seat full of wines, pates, sausages, some smoked salmon, cheeses, fruits and some chocolate for dessert.  (Hey, it’s my day dream so I can put whatever I want in that basket.) We (I guess I included my husband in this daydream) stopped at this quaint little restaurant and had the most delicious roasted chicken along with several glasses of their best wine.

Suddenly I wake up to this heavenly aroma waifing in my direction and realize that the passenger in my cute little car dream is smoking this delicious meal on his new Kamado smoker. And, he’s heading my direction with a glass of wine.

Oh, well. Goodbye France, see you in my dreams or maybe in person some day. I’m going to go create my own little bistro setting and enjoy a dinner that I did not have to cook and watch some more of the Tour de France.

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