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Tuscan Halibut

From the cold waters of Alaska – delicious halibut. <*))))>< ° <*))))><

While my sister and I were having some R&R in Fish Creek, WI a few weeks ago (that sounds funny because all I have is R&R) my husband went fishing in Alaska with a friend. They flew in float planes out to several river fishing camps near King Salmon, AK for King and Silver Salmon and then went off shore for Halibut and Silvers at Seward, AK.; My first question was “did you see any bears”? I was so afraid the bears were going to take the fish away from them. I figured the guys could fight off the bears (maybe) but by all means save the fish by whatever means it took. Luckily no bears but plenty of bear tracks and they saw lots of moose and bald eagles. They did have bear dogs on their boats that would jump off when they hit shore to scare off any bears prowling around for “fresh catch of the day” and to protect the camp.

My husband had to promise that he would take me on his next fishing trip to Alaska. I don’t want to go off shore fishing though (I hear sounds of the Jaws theme playing in my head) but I would love fishing in the rivers and streams.

Although they didn’t set any records, they packed a bunch of big boxes of frozen filets for the airplane back home and we ended up with three shelves of our deep freeze full of king salmon, silver salmon and halibut. When I went searching for halibut recipes I came upon an Alaskan fish company’s site (Coal Point Seafood Company) and my first thought, who better to tell me how to cook halibut than from an Alaskan fisherman.

See pictures below of the Old Man and the Sea.

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