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Easter Egg Radishes


Easter Egg Radish Salad

The bunny came through early and left this salad recipe.

Easter is fast approaching and so is the birth of my 5th grandson in Austin. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. I’ve been trying to get some recipes made ahead so while I’m there helping out with “their” cooking I can still post recipes to the blog.

I love radishes and the spiciness they add to salads. Do you remember the French Breakfast Radishes I cooked last year and I also used them to make a very simple little baguette appetizer where I spread softened butter on a fresh baguette and topped with sliced French breakfast radishes and then a sprinkle of sea salt. Makes my water water just thinking about it.

Now that my favorite grocery, Hubble and Hudson, is out of business I will have to look to Whole Foods or Central Market to find my unusual vegetables. I’m hoping to find the Easter Egg Radishes before Easter so I can make this salad again.

Do you have favorite Easter dishes that you make each Spring?  If so, please leave a comment below sharing your favorites.

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