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Side dish/ Vegetables

Zucchini Corn Boats

How about putting some of that summer produce to use with these Zucchini Corn Boats.

This is a delicious recipe using zucchini and corn that you may pick up at your local farmer’s market this summer.

I love going to farmer’s markets in the summer and getting all kinds of wonderful locally grown produce. I purchased some corn and zucchini recently and just love making these little boats. I have made this often and think they are so cute.

If you don’t want to fool with trying to make the boats then I have put all the mixture in an oval casserole and put some corn husk at each end and pile in the corn/zucchini mixture. Looks like a big corn cob. Then you can just sprinkle all the chips and cheese mixture on top and bake in the oven or out on your outdoor grill. This is a great accompaniment to your summer bar-b-q.

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Entree/ Fish/Seafood

Shrimp, Corn and Shiitake Mushroom Tamales

Hot tamales, hot tamales, get them while they’re hot!

I have so  many memories from growing up in a small town in Missouri. My hometown was about 7,000 people and not a Mexican restaurant in sight (not for at least 30 years). We used to go to town shopping and I remember a little man that stood on the corner with his tamale cart.   We would tell him how many tamales we wanted and he would wrap them in newspaper and we would take them home to eat. They were the best — that is until my mother decided she was going to learn to make them.

My mother and a friend came up with a recipe and they would get together once a year and make hundreds of tamales. They would work all day, making the meat and mush, rolling the tamales, and tying them in bundles. At the end of the day, they would divide up their day’s work and put them in the freezer for us to enjoy during the year.

I lost both my parents within 6 months of each other in ’08. Over the last several months a lot of  “food” memories have been popping up in my head — like the tamales, my dad going frog gigging in a boat that he made by welding two car hoods together — those huge platters of fried frog legs, what I wouldn’t give for a platter of them and seeing all of us around the table afterwards playing Indian poker. There are so many stories that I feel are responsible for my love of food and I am sure I will be sharing those from time to time.

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Salads/ Side dish/ Vegetables

Kumquat, Corn, And a Few Other Things Salad

There are so many summer vegetables out now, it would be a crime not to try something different with all those wonderful things you may be picking up at your farmer’s markets in your area.

Kumquat, corn, avocado and a few other things makes this a great summer salad to serve with your steak which I am making tonight for my daughter along with a chimichurri sauce.

I teach technique classes at Williams Sonoma and earlier in the week I saw that I was suppose to make a roasted corn salad that tomatoes and feta. As usual, I started thinking of ways I was going to tweak this and I have made my version twice this week.

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