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Citrus Gremolata

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Red Snapper with Citrus Gremolata

One fish that didn’t get away.

I’ve always loved fishing but not too much into baiting that hook. I remember as a kid my dad taking us fishing and we would always have him to bait the hook. Now, I don’t mind putting a minnow on the hook; after all, that is just a baby fish. But, I never wanted to put a squirmy worm or a hopping cricket on the hook. I remember my dad sometimes trying bread balls or even a piece of bologna to try to catch some kind of fish, and he usually caught something.

A couple of Februarys in the last several years I have gone fishing with my husband and one of his friends at River Ridge Fish Camp in Texas. The fish we are looking for were white bass (not my favorite) BUT we would catch our 25 limit each in less than two hours. Now, that was fun fishing. I wasn’t along on the Alaska fishing trip my husband went on but did get to eat the 75 lbs. of silver salmon, king salmon and halibut he brought home.

Several weekends ago we decided to take a road trip down to Port Aransas and on every menu there was some kind of red snapper listed and when we returned home I hopped on over to the store and bought some; $22/lb., ouch, (this week it was $16/lb.). While at Port A I had a Mahi Mahi with a butter sauce and it got me to thinking about making a gremolata and using it on red snapper.

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