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chocolate filled raspberries


Chambord Ganache Raspberries

These are to die for and you will want more than three.

We served these three little chocolate filled raspberries after the cheese course of our French dinner a few weeks ago.

NOTES FROM FRANCE: Left Paris today and arrived in Elygaliers in Provence. Now this is France. Feel like we are in another world. Had one fantastic meal at Sous les micocouliers. Bought some great things from bakery for breakfast tomorrow  before heading to markets at Isle sur la Sorgue.

I first saw a filled raspberry on the Pinterest site but they were only filled with a white or chocolate chip inserted in the end. My first thought was – “I can improve on that”. I think I did.

I love raspberries in just about anything and to pair it with chocolate and a raspberry liqueur makes the end results worth all the fuss.

Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur modeled after a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France in the late 17th Century and is made from red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla and Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac. Now how could anything made with this delicious liqueur not be wonderful.

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