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Lemon Sorbet with Mint Marigold Syrup and Meringue Bark

Put those marigolds in your yard to good use.

Don’t you just love beautiful desserts. Sometimes they look better than they taste. There is nothing worse than seeing, wanting, buying and eating a beautiful dessert only to find that it was all looks and nothing in the taste department.

You should know by now that I love copying or trying to recreate something I’ve eaten at a restaurant. It’s not like going to someone’s house and you love something and ask the hostess for the recipe and she’ll give it to you. You have to do a little detective work sometimes.

A few weeks ago, I met my daughter, Alexis for lunch in Austin at Olemaie. I always want what the person next to me ordered. This girl had a bowl that looked like salad, had some interesting greens, sprouts, fennel etc on top but it was a bowl of dumplings and not salad at all. The most delicious drop dumplings I’ve ever had and I didn’t think I even liked “dropped” dumplings and the bowl had pieces of fermented carrot floating in the broth along with the dumplings. Of course we ordered their BISCUITS which are not on the menu at all; they are a secret and only people knowing about then, know to order them. I’d read about them before going there. $10 for three biscuits with honey butter and it was the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time. Big square biscuits, brown and crunchy on all sides and soft in the middle. (Of course, I’m trying to find out how they made them and I did read some of their secrets which I will be trying.)

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Shrimp Corn Dogs with Blueberry Mustard

“Peanuts! Popcorn! Cotton Candy! Corndogs!, getum while they’re hot.”

Now that is what I use to hear at our county fair. Our small town in Southern Missouri (Caruthersville) was the county seat and we had a county fair every year. President Truman even went one year for the festivities. (I was a baby then, of course.).

We loved going to the fair for the rides, watching the beauty pageant where all the contestants were driven around the race track in convertibles, going to watch the harness races (horses) and quarter horse races. My boyfriend (now my husband) would meet me and we’d ride everything there. To make some spending money, my teenage to be husband worked on the town’s ferry boat during the fair collecting quarters from people who would park their cars on the Tennessee side of the Mississippi River and walk onto the ferry to cross over  to come to our fair.  The ferry and the county fair are now long lost to history but I have not forgotten the sounds of the carnival and the smell of cotton candy, taffy and corn dogs.

I first had these shrimp corndogs at the Moonshine Grill in Ausin at my son and daughter-in-law’s rehearsal dinner several years ago. I totally forgot about these little gems until I was looking at one of the restaurant’s menus the other day. Anyway, skewered shrimp dipped in my corndog batter, and fried and served with a honey mustard sauce with a blueberry swirl for dipping will make a hit at your next party.

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