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Tomato and Onion Salad


Tomato and Onion Salad

There’s nothing better than a summer ripen tomato.

Do you have tomatoes growing in your yard/garden/pot or even in a hanging upside down pot? If you do, you really need to try this salad. If you don’t have them growing (like me) then go to a farmer’s market or road side stand and buy the freshest smelling ones you can find.

What is that incredible smell (some call it summer perfume) when you put a freshly picked tomato to your nose. If you have ever brushed against a tomato plant you will know that smell or for me have my now deceased dog coming in smelling like the most perfect tomato you could have wanted to eat, but she got to it first. Would you describe them as earthy, musky, sweet, tangy. The tomato has a unique aroma, odor, fragrance, or scent; and no matter how you describe it most of that smell comes from the stem and foilage than the fruit itself.

When we did those bar-b-q pork steaks a while back that I was telling you about, my husband wanted me to look up side dishes that maybe were difference than what we normally do.  Of course, I knew what I was going to find — at Southern Living I found there top 10 bar-b-q side dishes and what were they? — deviled eggs, coleslaws, beans, tomatoes, etc.  Exactly what we normally have with bar-b-q.  Sometimes we might do cheese grits and years ago we use to do potato salad a lot but there are certain things you just must have with bar-b-q.

Do you have favorite side dishes for your cookouts whether it’s bar-b-q or anything grilled? If you do, please leave a comment below.

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