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Jalapeno Popcorn Cornmeal Muffins

I’ve never heard of popcorn cornmeal! Have you?

You can leave off the popcorn; this was just an afterthought for the picture. The picture would have looked better with a plate full of popcorn with muffins on top. Oh well, maybe next time.

Have you ever thought about popcorn and it’s many uses? I’ve used it for a garnish on beer cheese soup, made caramel corn out of it, popcorn balls years ago, used it for packing material (I’ve heard of that, never done it myself), even strung it on thread for garland on a Christmas tree but I have to say I’ve never heard of making cornmeal from it.

Popcorn is the only type of corn that will pop, it is a whole grain corn and there is a difference in popping corn and the kind you eat off the cob, out of a can or package. You can google it and find out for yourself.

I love trying different products and when we were back home a couple of weeks ago, our friends Kay and Steve McKaskle (McKaskle Family Farm) gave me some of their newest product which is Braggadocio Popcorn Cornmeal. They are making polenta also from this corn. So I was asking them about how they came up with the idea and it came from one of their customers who wanted a non-GMO cornmeal and could not find non-GMO corn and then she remembered that their popcorn was in fact non-GMO. She began grinding it and tried it out with corn muffins.  They visited the lady and tasted her yummy cornmeal muffins made with the popcorn meal and sampled the popcorn cornmeal. So, from that meeting they decided they wanted to mill their own popcorn cornmeal. Also with a new electric eccentric sifter they discovered they could mill popcorn into polenta and grits.  Several chefs are now trying out their polenta. By this fall they will be offering white organic corn grits. And, now they are growing black beans which I can’t wait to try. They already produce basmati rice, long grain brown rice and white rice. Check out their site at McKaskle Family Farm.

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