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Angel Mango Pie

Luscious and delicious mangos.

Growing up in a small town (Caruthersville, MO) you can’t help to know who some of the best bakers are. Of course, our mother was a great baker but everyone knew that Mrs. Johnson’s (also know as Froni short for Veronica) pies and cakes were the best. If you wanted one of her delicious desserts, all you had to do was give her a call and place an order. She was known for her fresh coconut cake, from scratch angel food cake, Angel Pie (meringue only, no crust) and also her Angel Food Pie was a favorite with many of her 11 children. Her daughter, Aggie, told me that some of her siblings wanted peaches, some wanted fresh strawberries and another brother wanted no fruit at all for this Angel food pie. I think her original recipe for Angel food Pie was made with Peaches.

I’m sure when my sister and I first started making this pie she got the recipe from Mrs. Johnson because she and her husband use to go play pinochle at the Johnson’s house and I’m sure they were served many wonderful desserts. I hope I haven’t changed it from the original. Can you imagine growing up in a house where something yummy was coming out of the oven probably every day. With 11 children, I’m sure she spent most of her time in the kitchen or doing laundry. And, I only had 3 and that seemed to be a lot of work at the time.

I use to use can peaches for this pie. Can’t believe I would have done that but I did. I’ve made it also with fresh peaches; never tried strawberries but sounds wonderful. I’m using fresh mangos for this version since we get some beautiful ones here in Texas. You can try whatever fruit you want; it’s up to you. I think mixed berries would be yummy also.

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