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Garlic Edamame

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Edamame with Garlic and Soy

Garlic Edamame, yum!

What a simple recipe I’m giving you today; so simple I’m doing it for myself tonight when my husband goes out with the guys.

How about some edamame to go with the Asian inspired dinner you are having or for the sushi you are making (or buying). Don’t just eat salted Edamame, you have to try the recipe I was first ate at Ozumo restaurant in San Francisco

So, read my “true confession – Edamame” here. and fine out more about the edamame saga. The restaurant that I went to and took my own garlic and mixed with their edamame now has Edamame in Roasted Garlic Butter on their menu for $4.50 a serving. I like doing the garlic in olive oil instead of butter and then I add a splash of soy sauce.

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