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Garnish/ Salads

Zucchini Bowl for Salad

Give any salad a new look.

Ok, I’m sitting around with nothing better to do than think of a way to use a leftover zucchini and then I happened upon a recipe; not really a recipe but more of a presentation idea I saw in Catering Source magazine. (Seems like there is a theme going here of me sitting around with nothing to do — after doing water aerobics a couple of times a week, gym a couple of times a week, craft circle working on doll houses, laundry, shopping etc. etc. I still do have a lot of time left over to ponder unimportant things like a vessel for a salad.)

I would really like a do-over with the last 20 years. Not that I would change one thing about raising my kids or any other thing I have done but I would like to have more time to travel and take cooking classes. What I always loved about catering was, of course cooking the food, but most of all I loved watching others enjoy what I prepared. Maybe I would be a food-truck owner. I love that idea and if I haven’t said it before, one weekend I want to go to Austin and check out at least 4-5 food trucks and sample their foods until I can’t hold another bite. So far, I have only been to the Flip Happy Crepe Truck and had a delicious Nutella and banana crepe which I may try to make sometime soon.

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Blackberry Spinach Salad

I went blackberry picking a few weeks ago and found all of these wonderful plump blackberries.

I love picking berries whether it’s blueberries or blackberries.  When my kids where younger I used to take them to pick strawberries.  All I remember about those outings is they seemed to stomp on more berries than they actually helped to pick or they were chasing each other around the berry patch.

When we moved to Texas we had berry patches all over the place where we could go pick. But, the one problem was the heat. I remember being able to talk at least one of the kids at a time to go picking for at least 2 hours. After that, they were done and never returned to the berry patch. So now that their berry picking days are behind them, I have to talk a friend into picking with me.

I picked 11 lbs. of blackberries the day we went to this local field and now I’m ready to go pick some blueberries.

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