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Edamame Salad


Tomato and Edamame Salad Buy Generic Alprazolam Online I have a confession! And, I’m sure NO ONE has ever done this.

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First, I want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and I hope you have something in mind for your special valentine that involves chocolate. Just in case you don’t and you want a little sweet treat, here’s my Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Dipped Strawberry that will be a great finish to your meal. This salad has some yummy RED (for Valentine’s Day) tomatoes to go with your dinner any night. I should have done some type of decadent chocolate dessert, but then I would be forced to eat it. So, instead, here’s a pretty healthy salad recipe for you to try.

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Several years ago while on a mother/daughter trip with a friend and her daughter we visited San Francisco and then Napa. While in San Francisco we had sushi at Ozumo. You ask me how I could possibly remember the name of the restaurant from 5 years ago. Well, I journal all trips we make especially the food and the restaurants. So, we had their edamame made with sautéed garlic and a splash of soy sauce and it was outstanding and is now the only way I eat edamame.

So, my confession. We have a favorite sushi place that we go to about once a month. One time my friend and I had lunch there so I sauteed my garlic and took it in a small container and then we order their steamed edamame. I took out my garlic, added it to the bowl of edamame and then added a splash of soy sauce.  The waitress came by and wanted to know what smelled so good and I confessed what I did.  The next time my husband and I visited that restaurant (we always sit at the bar so we can watch) I asked if they could saute some garlic and add to the edamame and they did. Then on another visit when I asked for the same, the waiter said “oh, are you the one that asked for that before”. I said yes.  I think they KNOW it is a better option that sprinkling it heavily with their Cajun season (I’m sure that’s what they were putting on their spicy edamame.).

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