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black walnut ice cream

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Black Walnut Ice Cream

Are you screamin’ for ice cream this summer?

I don’t know what your first memories of ice cream are but mine are of a Walkaway Sunday at Figgins ice cream shop in my hometown. The little neighborhood shop is long gone but what I remember is my grandmother taking my sister and I there. We lived within walking distances and it was a real treat to be able to go.

I don’t know where the name walkway came from because we didn’t walkway away eating it. Believe it or not it wasn’t any more than a large sundae glass filled with rich vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. I’m sure it was Hershey’s syrup because sometimes when I get the right combination of the right brand of vanilla ice cream and the “canned” Hershey’s syrup, I can close my eyes and see those two little twin girls sitting on a bar stool eating their ice cream. I have had similar experiences with smells and taste that take me back to a different time. Mysterious!

Then, of course, who doesn’t have all those memories of  parents or grandparents churning ice cream. Remember how we use to have to layer the salt with the ice in the big wooden ice cream makers and we would sit there and take turns churning the mixture until you just could not turn one more time. Seems like it was always the adults doing the churning and the kids were all running around saying “is it ready yet”.

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