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Pork Belly PLT Bites


  • Baguette sliced thin
  • Butter or olive oil for brushing bread slices
  • Fresh tomato sliced thin (may have to cut in half to fit bread)
  • Slices of fried pork belly or use thick sliced bacon
  • mayonnaise optional
  • arugula baby spinach or miniature greens
  • Tomato Preserves or a tomato tapenade or mix mayo with sun-dried tomatoes


  2. Preheat oven to 450°.
  3. Cut the baguette diagonally (thin). Brush with either melted butter or olive oil and toast in oven until lightly brown.
  4. Prepare your bacon product.  Either brown your bacon and break into about 2" pieces or if you are using pork belly, crisp it up before putting on your bite.
  5. Spread the tomato preserves on the toasted baguette slice. If you don't have the tomato preserves then you can spread with either plain mayonnaise or mix some finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes with the mayonnaise and then spread this on the baguette slice.
  6. Next put a few leaves of arugula or baby spinach on top of the spread, then a slice of tomato, then the bacon on top. You may run a tooth pick or skewer through top to hold it all together or you may try rearranging the spread/tomato/greens/bacon layers so they are so slippery.
  7. After putting these all together drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar or balsamic glaze.  Serve and enjoy your BLT bite.
  8. Notes:  I thought my tomato jam was a little sweet.  I'm going to try melting it, adding some fennel or fennel seeds and see if it will gel back up.  The little bite was delicious and I think some mayonnaise with a little finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes would be just as delicious.