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Yellow Squash & Friends

Summer is over but summer squash is still around.

I love yellow squash but my husband is not a fan of that little crooked yellow vegetable. Even though he voices his opinion about certain things I may be experimenting with, he’s a really good sport about trying everything I make.

I was a our farmer’s market a few weeks ago. I am disappointed that I missed this market all summer long, but at least I got there before it was gone for the year and bought some wonderful looking yellow squash, some beautiful okra (no brown spots at all) and some artisan bread. Don’t know why I bought the bread because I love bread baking and this bread was pretty hard by the next day and met an untimely death — trashed.

As usual, I started searching the Internet for squash recipes and came up with some great ideas. This dish has a lot of friends joining the recipe. I still had some of the okra left over after using some in my Confetti Maux Choux and had some of those great little sweet grape tomatoes an some mini bell peppers so I decided to do a really quick, hot saute of vegetables, top with some Panko bread crumbs and a little cheese and finish in the oven for a quick melt/brown.

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