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by on February 22nd, 2013

Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta & Aviation Cocktail for “SNS”

Sunday night supper and a cocktail.

There are two couples we usually go out with on Friday nights and on occasion we do dinner together on Sunday night. This has come to be called “Sunday Night Supper” and we all love to be invited to Sunday Night Supper because that means another night we do not have to cook. It’s fun to go to each other’s houses and see what’s cooking and how the table is going to be decorated.

I usually have confidence in what I’m cooking but never been that great at setting a great looking table. […]

by on March 4th, 2011

White Bean Hummus

Lots of people like hummus but not everyone likes Chickpeas!

So for that reason, I make white bean hummus. I think the flavor is so much better than using chickpeas and the reason I do not like chickpeas/garbonza beans… all started on my honeymoon.

Don’t you just love making things that you can simply throw everything in a food processor, stand back, flip the switch, and moments later have a delicious, healthy dip that can be used with pita, vegetables or crackers/chips. I also love eating a bowl of white beans that have been cooked long and slow with […]

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