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by on May 13th, 2018

Savory Zucchini Muffin

Savory muffin loaded with zucchini and cheese.

I’ve never tried so hard to get a recipe right.

Our garden club May luncheon is coming up and I’m doing the food. Tortellini Salad, Strawberry Dill Spinach Salad, and a Chicken Salad with orange maralade/mayo dressing. So, I wanted a savory muffin to go in the center of the plate in one of those cute little flower petal type muffin papers.

Finding a savory muffin was harder than I thought. My first zucchini muffin was awful and then I realized it was a “healthy” version of what should have been a […]

by on April 20th, 2010

Thyme, Onion and Chive Muffins

I love making things from my herb garden and it is so beautiful this year.

There’s just nothing like going out to your own herb garden and cutting some fresh herbs to use in a dish you are preparing.

Our herb garden seems to grow bigger each year, and this year I have planted three kinds of mint, chocolate mint, grapefruit mint and peppermint. I have several kinds of oregano, rosemary, thymes, lavender, arugula (not an herb), bay leaf and some dill. They are absolutely beautiful growning in pots with some day lillies and other flowers stuck here and there […]

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