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Cream of Cabbage (and Potato) Soup

Thank you David for another wonderful recipe!

Talking to my sister one day in April (just realized it is still April) during the lockdown I was telling her we have “nothing but time” (a favorite saying of my husband’s even before the quarantine) but I do not have enough time in one day to do everything I want to accomplish.

For instance, yesterday I did curb side pickup for some expandable drawer dividers from The Container Store. So I knew my day was going to be cleaning out drawers in the kitchen and putting in new dividers, and I HAD to get some laundry done and then I started thinking about this recipe for cabbage soup I had made in March.

This recipe was one I made after St. Pat’s day and thought it would make a great soup for a brewery.  My first look for the recipe was on Pinterest (no I did to pin it), my second spot was Copy Me That app that I use all the time (no recipe there). Then panic set in and I look through the last 3-4 months of Southern Living magazine and Garden and Gun (NO RECIPE). I’m getting anxious, feverish, almost faint (no I din’t get the virus.)  I WANTED that recipe. So I turn to googling and didn’t see any recipes previously highlighted.  

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Winter White Vegetable Soup

Soup’s on! 104° or NOT.
I know you are thinking soup!, it’s not winter yet, or least not in Texas. Today I just wanted something easy and soothing. After experimenting with so many things for the blog, I’m tired of eating and just wanted something that didn’t take me all day in the kitchen to prepare and fuss over.
In my married life I have lived in Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and finally in Texas. All the states except Texas ad very cold winters.
When we moved to Iowa in the early 70’s everyone told us that Ft. Madison, Iowa was considered “the Florida of Iowa” — NOT. That first year we had 1020 days of snow cover, the kids could not play outside and we were starting to get “cabin fever”. Never heard of such a think; but when you are cooped up in a house with temperatures around zero and kids can’t get out side, you start to understand very quickly what “cabin fever” is. So on cold winter nights I would cook soup because it was so warm and comforting.
When we moved to Texas 20 years ago, no cold temperatures for sure. I decided right away if I had a yearning for soup, I couldn’t wait until it got cold because that might not happen anytime soon. So, if I want soup, I don’t care if it is 32° or 104, I’m going to make soup.
The idea for this Winter White Vegetable Soup came from a trip to Mexico several years ago. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort that had breakfast, lunch and dinner just waiting for us everyday. Every morning I would eat this white vegetable soup and again for lunch and dinner. I fell in love with it. When we left, one of the receptionist told me that she was dating one of the cooks and she would get me the recipe. I never heard from her.
Years went by and whenever I thought of the soup I would search the internet. I kept thinking, white vegetables. What could be in the soup — potatoes, cauliflower, parsnips etc. then I had to add onions and celery. One day while surfing the web I decided to look again and I came up with a recipe that a lady in the UK had posted. It was loaded with white vegetables so after tweaking my vegetables, I came up with this recipe.