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No Knead Bread

Who doesn’t like homemade bread!

AND who wants to knead bread if they don’t have to?

My oldest son Scott turned me on to this recipe a couple of years ago. He had seen this recipe in the New York Times and emailed me about it.

Ahhh, email. What would we do without it? Just think, we use to sit down with paper and pen and actually write down our thoughts, put them in an envelope, lick it, add a stamp and wait at least a week for the letter to get to it’s destination. Now, with a click of a key we can send and receive information in a matter of seconds.

People have all sorts of criteria of what makes a good restaurant. Some people judge a restaurant on it’s ambiance, some on the length of the menu or the amount of draft beers they have on tap. I personally size up a restaurant on whether their bread is homemade (and good) or something that is purchased and thrown in the oven. We had dinner at Babbo (Mario Batali’s restaurant) in New York a few years ago. I called about a month before to get reservations and the only time slot we could get was around 9:30 that evening.  So, we get there, have a table right next to the bar and front door (not good) and then they bring out the bread.  BURNED. You could smell it long before it even made it to the table. I started looking around at other people’s tables and they also had burned bread. I wondered how in the world they could served bread that looked like that. Needless to say, it ruined the rest of the meal which turned out to be only so/so anyway. Bread is the first thing a person usually taste in a restaurant and I think it should be memorable.

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