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Macadamia Nut Cookie


Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Cookie

“C” is for cookie and that’s good enough for me!

Chocolate, Coconut and Cookie, those are three “c” words I love.

We went back home for my grandmother’s funeral a couple of weeks ago. She lived to be 98 years, 7 months and 30 days; a long life and to live it in her own home until the end was amazing.

I have so many memories of food and family dinners at her house and we will never forget her. When I see  an ice cream machine, I will always think of the rich sweet vanilla ice cream she always made my grandfather, or just thinking of a simple pot roast reminds me of Sunday lunch she would have ready to pull out of the oven after church. She was never a cookie maker, that was something my mother loved doing. My grandmother did make good fried chicken, milk gravy and homemade biscuits and the best fried cream corn. Her style of cooking may have been more like Paula Deen’s but hey, she almost made it to 99 drinking cultured buttermilk, eating souse, pickled pigs feet and the occasional Twinkie.

While staying at my sister’s for a week, she and I had a chance to stop by their local Grandad’s Deli and had a wonderful reuben sandwich (we halved it) and potato soup. Sharon, the owner, had a mouth watering selection of desserts but the thing we both zoomed in on was a big fat cookie (Cookie Monster size for sure) that we knew was going to be delicious as soon as we saw the big macadamia nuts studding the cookies.  I knew this was one recipe I was going to have to recreate. My daughter and husband had been there earlier and she brought back remnants of her cookie and shared a bite with me. That’s when I knew I had to have one and I WOULD NOT BE SHARING IT–not one bite.

I think any recipe is only as good as it’s ingredients, so for these cookies I decided to use an organic salted butter, my vanilla bean paste (for a more vanilla taste) and of course the macadamia nuts and dark chocolate chips. I also splurged for organic eggs even though I never buy them. I’m not sure if someone could actually tell whether something was made with organic products or not but look at the picture below. The organic egg yolk does look darker in color and the white whiter than the penned up non-exercised hen’s egg. I wasn’t taking any chances in this recipe. I wanted it to be delicious so why not use the best.

(Note: these were delicious cookies, but still not the same as the ones from the deli that I loved so much. I guess that means the next time I’m up there I will have to go try another one and then tweak this recipe.)

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