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Kale au Gratin

Side dish

Creamy Kale au Gratin

Awwww gratin and it’s with kale.

Recently we went to a new restaurant in our area that has become very popular. I like their concept which is everything made fresh on site from sauces to breads and they even cure their own bacon, their beef comes from 44 different farms, and most of their ingredients are local, natural, hormone and antibiotic free.

This recipe came about from something I had there that I happened NOT to like although it had a great flavor.

They have a kale au gratin on the menu that they serve in cute little black iron skillets that has hardly any kale in it. Shouldn’t any dish that starts with KALE have that has the main ingredient. Well this kale au gratin was mostly beige with a few streaks of green through it. By a few I think maybe three small pieces of kale in the whole serving. The taste was good but the kale was MIA (missing in action).

What dish isn’t made better with some cream cheese and crunchy Panko bread crumbs on top and this can be made with any kind of greens like spinach, or Swiss chard.

I do want to give the restaurant another chance so I will probably order the kale the next time I’m there but I will probably say, “is there any kale in the dish”. Ok, I shouldn’t really say that because it kind of makes me a smart$$$. But I want some greens with my creamy au Gratin part of this dish.

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