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Peachy Raspberry Ice Cream

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches… Three peach recipes this week. And this one is Peachy Keen!

I was at the market today and found some peaches for 77¢ lb. and couldn’t resist getting a bag full to try a few new recipes. These were Texas peaches and very flavorful. Nothing disappoints me more than buying peaches that smell, look, and feel good only to get them home and they are either mushy or flavorless.

So, this week I’m making three peach recipes. First, this Peachy Raspberry ice cream, then a Peach Arugula Salad with Pancetta Chips and finally a Peach Melba Crunch.

Peaches and raspberries are two of my favorite fruit combinations. I have tried a couple of yogurt recipes and really enjoyed them. She uses Greek yogurt in many of her recipes, which might make for an interesting addition to my ice cream recipe.  She also adds some vodka to her ice creams to keep them from freezing too hard. Since there just happened to be some peach flavored vodka laying around that I bought for cocktails tonight,  I added a splash to my Peach Raspberry Ice Cream recipe.


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