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Green Chili Grits

Side dish

Bacon Cheddar Green Chili Grits

Braggadocio grits with bacon.

Last time we were back home my sister’s cousin-in-law, Kaye (McKaskle Family Farms) gave me some of their new products. I have tried their popcorn cornmeal and popcorn, and their rices, but now they have their very own mill to grind their polenta and grits. I’m always excited to try new products and products made by someone I know makes it even more special.

I didn’t get to see the mill on this visit but will the next time we are up that way.

I’m going to do another give away for a bag of their polenta, and popcorn corn meal (I used all my grits, so sorry about that). All you have to do is leave any kind of note below in the “comments” section and at the end of two weeks I will draw a name and will mail you the products to try. The first thing you have to try is to make my popcorn cornmeal muffins. They are great.

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