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White Bean Hummus

Lots of people like hummus but not everyone likes Chickpeas!

So for that reason, I make white bean hummus. I think the flavor is so much better than using chickpeas and the reason I do not like chickpeas/garbonza beans… all started on my honeymoon.

Don’t you just love making things that you can simply throw everything in a food processor, stand back, flip the switch, and moments later have a delicious, healthy dip that can be used with pita, vegetables or crackers/chips. I also love eating a bowl of white beans that have been cooked long and slow with a ham hock stuck in for flavor, and cannot resist the urge to add a squirt of mustard and a big spoonful of chow chow on my beans. Weird, huh, but the mustard is actually good.

I remember as a kid my grandmother driving us through town and when we went by the jail house her telling us that the prisoners had to eat frozen white beans and bread. Now, I don’t know how she knew that, but for some reason it stuck in my head and that’s what I think of when I sit down to eat a steaming bowl of white beans with cornbread.

I think if you like hummus you will appreciate the flavor of this dip.

If you have tried this recipe and have any comments, please post them below. Thanks.

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