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French breakfast radishes

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French Breakfast Radishes and Baby Carrots

Rabbit food you say!

While strolling through Hubble and Hudson grocery awhile back I was looking for a cute and interesting vegetable to make on Valentine’s Day for my husband. I’ve always loved radishes but these French Breakfast radishes grabbed my attention with their candy cane colors; and right beside them were the cutest French baby carrots. Both of theses vegetables are from Babé Farms in Santa Maria, CA.

I’ve read that these breakfast radishes with butter and salt is a French classic and a radish sandwich with fleur del or sea salt and unsalted butter on a baguette is a great children’s snack in France. Doesn’t that sound a lot healthier than that bag of Doritos the kids might grab after school. Don’t underestimate this little radish it has an elongated shape and a crisp texture with a delicate sweet flavor and it has much more going for it than those little globe radishes that get thrown into the salad mix.

I’m hoping we are going to be seeing these radishes in France next month at the markets we will be visiting because I will be grabbing a crusty French baguette and some great butter and taking that back for an evening snack with a nice glass of wine.

So my Valentine’s dinner was a filet mignon with King Crab piled on top with a compound butter with a Salad Lyonnaise (posting soon) and these French Breakfast Radishes and Baby Carrots as a side dish.

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