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Entree/ Poultry

Jamaican Jerk Kabobs

Fits into any diet.

No one likes dieting and it’s a “four letter” word as far as I’m concerned.  I’m sure there are things we can all do to improve our diets. Leaving off sugar and breads would be a start for me. I’ve learned from baking things for the blog that I don’t have to eat them (or at least the whole thing) because I can simply take them someplace to share with others.

I found this recipe while looking for South Beach diet recipes and soon realized that it could fit into any diet plan for dieters or non-dieters. If you are wanting to trim a few calories then prepare this recipe with a nice salad and maybe some grilled asparagus and your done. If you want to splurge a little on the calories then make a aromatic pilaf or even lemon rice and lay the kabobs across the top. Either way the favors of this are so intense and Caribbean I think while you are eating this you will find yourself taken away to some wonderful beach, sitting at some outdoor cafe and enjoying the breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

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