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English Muffin BLT Sandwich

BLT with a Twist on a homemade English muffin.

(I had second knee replacement done on Monday, 1st. and before that I was busy trying to get some things made while I’m recouping on the couch/bed. Hope you enjoy the things coming up in the next few weeks. See below for what’s coming.)

I love making bread and I have made everything from naan to French bread, but have never made an English muffin. So, when I was thinking about making this sandwich, I thought, why not make the English muffins from scratch.  I think they were a success and hope you will try them soon.

The days of pbj’s and grilled cheeses have long been gone from our house and we don’t often eat sandwiches unless of course they are pulled pork sandwiches, which I do have to repeat, for the gazillionth time, my husband makes the best.

I do on occasion have to omit that I crave a bologna sandwich with either mustard or mayo and a pile of potato chips crushed into the sandwich (that is the way my sister likes to make a sandwich — and it does add a nice crunch) or a liver cheese or brunsweigher sandwich on white bread and mustard. I know those are probably two of the worst kinds of lunch meat and bread available to mankind but what can I say, I like them AND it isn’t a sandwich that I would eat often. Just don’t tell me I can never have one.

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