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Eggs Benedict with a Twist

Egg Dishes/ Morning Foods

Scrambled Eggs Benedict

This is a bit of a “Benedict” stretch”

Are you sitting with your morning pot of tea or cup of coffee pondering what you were going to throw together for breakfast. There are no rules to cooking (maybe just in baking recipes I guess) and I think every rule has an exception, especially this one. Is there a Benedict police out there that says you have to use an English Muffin, Canadian bacon (which isn’t even bacon), poached egg, and hollandaise? And, I’m sure there are a handful of you out there saying “don’t mess with my Eggs Benedict, your are a Eggs Benedict ARNOLD”.

It’s a stretch calling this eggs benedict; and I am using a microwave made hollandaise and putting it together like eggs Benedict.  All the other ingredients are new to the scene.

I had this pork belly in the refrigerator and didn’t think I was every going to get it all used up with.  I have made Steamed Buns with Pork Belly, Pork Belly Tacos, I tried a BLT appetizer made with the pork and still had some saying, pleaseeee, it’s my time to go.

Hollandaise has never  been my friend. It seems like it either curdles or I have it too cold to serve.  This time I decided this was going to be a quick breakfast. Other than making the biscuits (which I could do in my sleep), everything was almost ready to go. The poached eggs were replaced with a quick egg scramble; even a fried egg would have been good on this and I guess that would have more resembled the traditional poached egg. And the pork belly, as I said was on it’s last leg in my refrigerator.

If you didn’t do the pork belly try making this with some thick sliced bacon or a grilled boneless pork chop.

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