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dreamsicle cupcakes

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Dreamsicle Cupcakes

Didn’t you love those dreamsicle ice cream bars when you were a kid!

We were visiting our new grandson, Oliver, in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. He’s now 3 months old and boy, how time flies. Seems like it was just yesterday that we went up to Chicago to meet the new Michie baby boy.  And, it seems like just yesterday I was a little kid eating cho cho ice cream malt cups and those dreamy dreamsicle ice cream bars.

I love mixing orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream together in a parfait class because it reminds me of dreamsicles that use to drip down my arm on those hot summer days in Missouri and I still love that flavor of orange and vanilla mixed together.

There’s a bakery in Lincoln Park (Chicago), Sweet Mandy B’s, that has the best baked items ever, and we went there after lunch at Longman & Eagle one day. Of course, we had to come home with some molasses frosted cookies that my son loves and some 7 layer bars, chocolate cookies, a macaroon and this wonderful little Dreamsicle Cupcake.

I was staring at this lone beautiful cupcake sitting in the box along with all the other cookies and really wanted to gobble it up all by myself. After all, I was the one thinking of dreamsicles and having all these childhood memories, but I shared the cupcake because I wanted everyone else to see how delicious it was.  I KNEW I could make this cupcake.

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